Help and guide for UVI Play

Help and guides for Players and Organizers

Purpose of this page is to provide help to players and organizers using UVI Play platform.

Help for Players

UVI Play platform was created with a purpose to make sure that players and organizers will be able to connect with each other in the simplest possible way. UVI Play platform offers automated service for organizing tournaments, generating brackets, connecting players and notifications. This way organizers can easily manage several tournaments at once and stay fully focused on the satisfaction of players.

To make you experience even better we have prepared guides and "how to" tutorials that will help you over the crucial parts of the website. Our guides will not cover simple features of website like changing profile pictures, sharing profiles, visual changes and other non-crucial features of the website, so that you can discover them and show them off to your friends :)
Creating UVI Play account is very simple, just navigate to registration form and fill out required fields. After you finish registration you need to confirm your email and login on the UVI Play website. Now you are fully ready to start competing in tournaments! Under your profile navigation you can find a link to your "Profile", where you can edit "Profile and Settings". With the "Edit Profile" button you can edit your displayed profile data (BIO, game usernames, website and more) at UVI Play platform. If you navigate to "Settings" you will find your personal data, security options, theme mode, API server and other profile options. Some options in "Settings" are only meant for Developers so if you are just a regular player please leave them on default.

We take security really serious so we implemented a system that encrypts all of your personal data as well as 2FA security login for your account. We advise you to use 2FA security if you funds on your UVI wallet! Our staff will never ask you about your personal information such as password, e-mail or wallet ID! If you find something that seems like a security bug, please report it immediately to [email protected] so that our team can check it out and fix it.

Red box on the picture marks the profile menu, where you can access to your information and your profile.
Creating your team is very simple - it only takes a few clicks! Click on profile navigation at top right corner and chose on "My teams". After that a new page called "My team" will open. Click on the blue circle with three lines and choose "Create". Enter a team name you want to use and choose the game that your team plays. Congratulation, you just created your team!

Now you can invite other teammates to join your team, so you can conquer and dominate tournaments together! To do that, you need to navigate back to "My teams" page and click on team name where you want your teammates to join. On the team page click on circle menu and choose "Invite" to get the invitational code. Copy the code and send it to whoever you want to join your awesome team!

Now, lets say you got an invitational code from somebody else and you want to join their team. It is super easy - just navigate to "Teams" click on menu circle, choose "Join", enter the given code and you are in! As we said, it is super simple and easy :)

Since we are already here, lets return to team's page (Profile > Teams > choose the team you want to edit) and let's look at some options that allow you to troll your teammates. If you click on circle menu you can edit information about the team (About team, website, etc...), as well as change the team's picture, share your team and edit members. If you click on on "Members" you can transfer ownership of the team, kick members or edit roles. But be careful since kicking and transferring ownership is non-revertible! Member's roles are editable, so make sure to be creative when adding roles to members - oh boy troll roles coming up! :)

Red box on the picture marks mentioned circle menu that opens creation of teams and options to join a team.
I hope that you have a little bit of mana left as there are just few clicks left for you to join a tournament. To find tournaments use our "Search" or "Tournament" page. Oh wow, look at that Fortnite tournament with prizes, count me in! After a quick check of tournament's information we can see that tournament requires two members to join (duo tournament). Luckily we have created a team in the previous step as well as have invited another member to join us, so we are good to go! BBefore we continue, I would like to mention, that if you want to join a tournament for a specific game, you need a team registered with-in your team for that game (Example: if you want to join Fortnite tournament, your team needs to have a Fortnite team). We would also like to point out that some tournaments require additional info on your profile - which help when trying to connect with your tournament opponent (Example: To join a Fortnite tournament, you have to add your EPIC Games or Fortnite username to your personal profile). To do that just click on "Profile", then on the blue circle menu, choose "Edit profile"and add your Fortnite username.

We have finally set up everything needed to join the tournament. Now choose the tournament you want to join and click on "Sign up". Once you do that the tournament's page will open. Click on the blue circle and select "Sign up". Select the team and members you want to sing up with and for the final time press on "Sign up". Congratulations - you have successfully joined the tournament. You are just a few more wins away and the grand prize of the tournament is yours - GG easy!

Red box on picture marks mentioned circle menu where you can Sign up and join the tournament.
It is the finally day of the tournament, so you better be ready to dominate! Before we move on lets take a short break and revise how every player should act: Always respect and behave nice towards your opponent, tournament administrators, organizers and moderators as we all know that nobody likes toxic players. We want to make sure that UVI Play platform is friendly to everyone and if we have to, we will take extreme measures towards toxic and disrespectful members and punish them accordingly. If you get harassed please report it to [email protected], thank you!

Organizer is a powerful person around here and with a click of a button he can generate brackets and your first opponent will appear! On the "Tournament page" of the tournament you can now see new information such as "All matches" as well as find your next opponent. Some tournaments require you to add your opponent before you can start a game. With a click on the button "Contact" you will get your opponent's contact information as well as be redirected to opponent's profile page so that you can explore his profile and get some additional useful information.

After you finished game please update score! If opponent add's score before you, score will be already there so you just have to confirm it, please double check if opponent entered right score! When score is confirmed by both teams/playersAfter you finish your game, please make sure to update your score! If your opponent adds the score before you, you do not need to add it but just need confirm it. Before inputting or conforming the score please double check it! Once the score is confirmed by both teams or players whoever won will automatically be move to the next stage in bracket and get a new opponent. This process is very similar in all types of tournaments. Just please be careful to enter the right score! If you entered a wrong score please contact administrators of tournament as soon as possible! If you won your match and a new one does not appear please check the bracket, if your next opponent still hasn't finished his game and wait until he does. Platform shows an estimate time of when you match should end, so please try to end it before the time runs out!

If you need any help regarding the tournament please try to contact organizer or administrators first. Keep in mind that we are only providing a platform for organizing tournaments but UVI Play is not the one organizing them. For general questions about platform, bugs and other improvements, please contact us via email at [email protected].

Red box on picture marks button to contact opponent and enter/confirm score.

Help for Organizer

If you want to become tournament organizer, please contact us via email at [email protected]